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The immigration has entered the working spaces left uncovered by the natives (the loaw qualifications in the productive and commercial sectors; the assistance in the care of the family and of the individuals), creating also an appreciable phenomenon of illegal immigration. Besides maintaining a positive demographic balance of the Country and assuring an internal revenue to the State, immigration has grown a multicultural attitude and the values of life in common and peace, especially through the integration of the children at school. Nevertheless, as a consequence of the increasing of the petty crime, of the social insecurity and of the unemployment after the economic crisis, xenophobian trends are being enforced. Anyway, despite the political system delays in the understanding the social growth of the phenomenon of immigration, in some local micro societies, as in the area of Foligno, there are various associations which work for the acquaintance and collaboration between the natives and the immigrants. The documents collected in this project, highlight both the modalities of immigration through work, school attendance and sanitary assistance, and the debate and the ambiguous public opinions attitude, especially concerning few crime news in which some Romanians were involved, the removal of illegal gipsy and Rom camps, made by some City Halls, the driving back (by the Government) of the illegal immigrants landed on the Sicilian coasts. In the interviews we can notice a quite pragmatic attitude by the natives, who judge the immigrant on the basis of his/her behaviour, and control the negative stereotypes, often spread by the media. In such a situation, some good practices, in which individuals or people have had an active and sympathetic role for the integration, can be underlined. 1. Historical features 1.1 The social and economical context of immigration into the country Over the last thirty years, after being an emigration country, Italy has become an immigration one: in 2008 the immigrants were 3,690,052, equal to the 6% of the population. Most of them were Romanians (555,997) followed by Moroccans, Albanians and Ukrainians. Romanian immigration has been facilitated by both the Romanias joining the EU and the linguistic affinity between the two countries. Although in the last years the Italian economic development has decreased, immigrants have covered the jobs left empty by natives (even if a lot of them have a good level of education): in the lowest industrial, commercial and handcraft qualifications, for example, or in the assistance to families and individual people. In these sectors, in fact, there has been a massive employment of immigrants which led to illegal immigration of badanti (women who take care of old people) and domestic helps. This is due to the fact that in Italy there is a gap between students education and their real job opportunities; moreover the State support to families, people in difficulty and female occupation (welfare policy) is insufficient. For these reasons, the immigrants employment has not competed with the local job demand and has not generated social conflicts, based on this issue. Actually, most conflicts are due to other factors, such as the increase of petty crime, of social insecurity and suspicion, and of unemployment caused by the economic crisis. All these elements are modifying the perception of the phenomenon of immigration while it develops. Recent crime news, in which Romanian immigrants were involved, have strengthened the xenophobic attitudes towards all the poorest foreigners, like the ones who land on the Italian coasts, most of which coming from Libia (37,000 according to calculation of 2008), gypsies or Romanians. To all this, we must add the changing political mood, depending on which the immigration issues have often been used for electoral and party purposes, hiding the humanitarian, economic and social aspects while emphasizing the problems of insecurity and public order. In this national frame, the Umbrian area seems to hold back the xenophobian trends thank to the following reasons: a. being the immigrants settlement spread out in the territory, the immigratory impact is softened; b. especially after the 1997 earthquake, there has been a consistent increase of the building enterprises; c. the memory of the centuries-old emigratory local history inhibits the hostilities and the stereotypes towards the foreigners. Even in Foligno there are Romanians among the immigrants, but they are not the majority: up to 31st December 2008 the immigrants were 6,271. Most of them were Albanians (1,976, the 31,6%) followed by the Romanians (1,196, the 19,1%). 1.2 Chronological references - Since the eighties of 1900, from being an emigration country, Italy country has become an immigration one. In 2008 the immigrants are the 6,2% of the whole population (555,997). - 1989 (December), end of Nicolae Ceausescus communist dictatorship in Romania and beginning of the transition towards democracy. - 2007 (1st January), Romania joins the European Union. - 1997, earthquake in Umbria and Marche (Italian regions) - 2006, Romanian immigration in Foligno is the 10,99% of the whole immigrants (2,297) 1.3 Historical links between the countries of immigration. Italy and Romania. The relationships between Italy and Romania are rooted in ancient Rome when, in the 2nd century A.D., emperor Traiano conquered and colonized the Carpathian-Danubian plain. Although short-lived, that domination left a durable imprint, since, after numerous barbaric dominations, in the 13th c. the Romanians were a Latin population with Slavic influences. Up to the second half of the 19th c., when they became independent, both the countries went through quite difficult events. On 16th September 1926, while in Italy the fascist regime was getting stable, the governments of both countries subscribed an economic and cultural pact of friendship and collaboration. On this occasion, Mussolini, addressing to general Averescu, Romanian Prime Minister, talked of two peoples linked by common origins and memories, represented by the Colonna Traiana in Rome and by the Capitoline she-wolf in the centre of the old Bucarest, and joined by the common coalition in the Entente during the 1st World War (Benito Mussolini, Scritti e Discorsi. Dal 1925 al 1926, vol. V, Hoepli, Milano 1934, pp. 397-398). The Italian-Romanian cultural agreements were renewed in July 1943, within the military alliance in the Second World War. During the twenty years of Fascism, new Italian schools were opened in Romania and several chairs and assistantships of Italian language and literature were created at the University of Bucarest. After the long period of the cold war, the cultural links between the two countries emerge today both in the memories of some Italian emigrants in Romania and in most Romanian immigrants facility for their linguistic integration. Since the end of the Soviet system and of Ceausescus Popular Republic, that is since the beginning of the free market and the parliamentary democracy in the eastern countries, the relationships between the two countries have been of economic and cultural collaboration and of bilateral agreements on about the migratory fluxes. 1.4 The effect of immigration Over the last years, foreigners immigration played a crucial role in the positive demographic balance of the country, with all the connected implications. On an economic level, besides assuring an internal revenue, the immigrants employment has given a real contribution both to the stability of the demand and to the resistance of the mass consumption. In the local economies, for example, we also had the opening of commercial ethnic shops. As for the employment as assistants to the person and to families, it has replaced the State and, at the same time, has given solutions to the needs of the population, considering its general ageing process. We can notice a significant effect in the education field. The increase of immigrant children at school, especially at primary schools (but also at secondary ones, as time goes by), represented a precious contribution to the multi-culture and to the values of living together. It also urged the renewal of the tired weak existing relation between school education and Italian society. This process has seen been possible for the serious work of the teachers, but it has received only inadequate solutions from the central national policy, as for both the financing and the teaching and curricular innovation. This is just one of the most troublesome aspects of the political system lateness in understanding the social maturity of the immigration phenomenon. This lateness involves also the acknowledgment of the citizenship rights, specifically, the right of administrative vote for those who dont have the Italian citizenship. This issue is completely absent in the Italian political debate. It is to be hoped that the need to conform to European agreements, directives and institutions will help to overcome the traditional narrow-minded view of the Italian political culture. On the contrary, a positive effect is to be underlined in the local micro-societies, especially with the birth of various associations aimed to the acquaintance and collaboration between natives and immigrants. For example in the town of Foligno we have several associations, like La Casa dei Popoli (The Peoples House), Un ponte di mamme (A motherhood Bridge), LOfficina della Memoria (The Memory Workshop), which are all committed in the promotion of cross cultural actions and of solidarity nets. On one hand, they privilege infancy and children integration at school and in society, and, on the other hand, they favour the dialogue among the various stories and memories: the Italians, once emigrated abroad, and the current immigrants ones. Moreover, a more ancient and catholic association, the Caritas Diocesana, besides giving assistance and organizing adult literacy classes, has recently opened a multilingual library for the citizens. Ultimately, the immigration effects on the general life of the Country seem to count on the second generation of immigrants, that is on their ability to turn towards their future. 1.5 Sources: an annotated bibliography Luigi Tittarelli, Evoluzione demografica dallUnit a oggi, in Renato Covino e Giampaolo Gallo (a cura di), Storia dItalia. Le regioni dallUnit a oggi. LUmbria, Einaudi, Torino 1989. Enrico Pugliese, Limmigrazione, in Storia dellItalia repubblicana, vol. III, LItalia nella crisi mondiale. Lultimo ventennio, I, Economia e societ, Einaudi, Torino 1996. AA.VV., Per terre assai lontane. Dalla storia delle migrazioni ad una nuova idea di cittadinanza, a cura di Dino Renato Nardelli, Editoriale Umbra, Foligno 2002. Racconti dal mondo, a cura di Emilio Franzina, Cierre edizioni, Perugia 2004. Dario Spagnolo, Dai Balcani alla Valle Umbra. Linsediamento straniero nel Folignate, Foligno 2004. Censis, Unidea di sviluppo. Economia e scenari di crescita per Foligno e il suo territorio, Milano 2007. Racconti dal mondo. Narrazioni, memorie e saggi delle migrazioni, a cura di Paola Corti e Maddalena Tirabassi, Edizioni Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli, Torino 2007. Caritas diocesana di Foligno, Relazione sullattivit svolta. Anno 2006, Foligno 2007. Michela Della Croce, Immigrazione: una lettura dei dati recenti, Aur, Perugia 2008. Storia dItalia, Annali 24, Migrazioni, a cura di Paola Corti e Matteo Sanfilippo, Einaudi, Torino 2009. Indagini Istat (Istituto nazionale di statistica) Agenzia Umbria Notizie 2. The legal Aspects 2.1 The spirit of the laws: the attitude towards people who arrive The spirit of the laws refers above all to the fact that immigration is a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of our country, and there isnt therefore a strengthened legal theory or practice about it. Moreover, we must consider that this phenomenon has developed during the changes occurred at the end of the so called first Republic (1993-94), with the formation of new political parties and movements, and a general redefinition of right-wing and left-wing coalitions. Likewise, the pro-European movement, though it claims much advanced actions in the Italian history (see the Young Europe -1834- by Giuseppe Mazzini and The Manifesto of Ventotene -1941- by Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi), is now very weak from a political-legal point of view and of in the common sense too point of view. The spirit of the laws, then, swings between two main aspects: the spirit of Italian Constitution one (dating back to 1948) based on universalism and on the inviolability of the human rights, and the law and order onelegal one aimed to face the problems of the last years, most of which about law and order. The two aspects not always meet. There are recent examples both in an immigrants pushing away decree which caused the European Union reservations, and the crime of illegal staying, present in the law about the public security, recently approved by the Parliament (about which the Italian President of the Republic has expressed his worries and perplexities). 2.2 The concrete aspect: rules, limits, opportunities We can trace three main practical interdependent aspects. The first one refers to the legal immigration (for work, study, tourism reasons) and to their movements regulated by the agreements with the origin countries. To this aspect a series of actions are linked, such as the reception camps, the test of requisites and of the driving back, the right of asylum, and the respect of the so called sea laws. On the other hand, there are all the measures against the illegal stay: the ones taken by the police, but also the ones regarding the social rights, like for instance and above all, the attendance at school and the sanitary assistance in the public structures. The second aspect concerns the integration procedures once the immigrant has been straightened out, that is the social and counselling assistance for school and work, the right of having a house, all the initiatives for the linguistic and cultural integration, the job security and the right to have a regular employment contract. A third aspect refers to the relationship between immigration and crime (both common and political crime), in the links with the local organized crime and the international terrorism, too. Mainly related to the second aspect, we should mention some local legislative acts we examined in the course of our research. The Statute of Region Umbria, passed in April 2005, according to the principles of a full realization of the European Union and of the reception culture, states to favour the full integration of immigrant people in the regional community. If we pass from the regional dimension to the local one, we can notice the statement of principles and the absence of explicit mentions to the immigrants. The statute of the city council of Foligno mentions the integration of different cultures for a religious, social and educational tolerance. Even the local Technical Industrial Institute regulations dont mention the immigration issue at all, though in this school there are a lot of immigrant students. In a contest of undoubted reception culture, this unexplained missed mention makes us think. 2.3 Sources: The Constitution of Italian Republic, in particular art. 2, 8, 32, 34, 35 about universality and inviolability of the human rights, freedom of religion, right to study, to be healthy, to have a job. Also the articles 10 and 26: the first states the conformity of the law to the international rules and treaties concerning the foreigners legal condition; the second fixes the non admissibility of extradition for political crimes. The International Convention between Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands and Luxemburgh about the free circulation of people and goods (in application of the Schengen Agreements of 14th June 1985) 19th June 1990. Law n. 189, 30th July 2002, Change in the laws about immigration and asylum The Region Umbria Statute, 16th April 2005, in particular the articles 1, 2, 8, 25. The Statute of the Township of Foligno, 21st June 2007. Regulations of the Technical Industrial Institute of Foligno, School year 2008-2009. Law n. 94, 15th July 2009, Measures relating to public security 3. The experience of immigration: a survey of the documents collected 3.1. Which kind of documents did we collect? The documents we collected, except for the oral sources (interviews) with which we will deal farther on, belong to three big documentary areas: the official area, the public area, the private and personal area. The first one contains a big amount of identity documents: passports, visas, residence permits, birth and marriage certificates, identity cards, school reports and certificates, Health service cards, work contracts. Within these documents there are often also passport photos. The second area includes: statistics, elaborated by various national and regional research centers, volumes with memories or studies on the immigration issue or on the origin country, articles taken from periodicals (also Web articles), radio-3 broadcasts; satirical cartoons and images taken from web sites. The third area contains: books and personal objects, individual and family photos, family videos. 3.2 Which area do they concern ? The official documents refer to the institutional structures of the origin country or of the reception one: Ministers, central or peripheral State Offices, birth and residence Townships. The role of the local offices is underlined in the work permits, in the Health cards, in the school and identity certificates. Moreover, in the work permits, also the private firms and/or the local trade unions have an important documentary role. The bibliographical documents too can refer to National, regional or local institutions. In particular, the statistics allow a comparison between National and local areas, besides other foreigner countries. Finally, some photos portray people in particular evocative places: the home courtyard, a pause along the Motorway during arriving journey. 3.3. Which kind of reality, and of problems too, do they show? From these documents we can notice both the recent increase of the foreigner, in particular Romanian, immigration in Italy, in Umbria and in Foligno, and the regularity of the immigrants stays. They show the integration ways in the local society through work, school attendance, health service. They also reveal the essentiality and poverty of the objects, immigrants took with them from the previous life experience. Poor objects, like some coins, sacred images, photos, an illustrated book for children, but yet they are packed with meaning and personal stories. On the other hand, the documents taken from radio broadcastings and the periodical press highlight the variations of the public opinion and the heated debate (weve recently had in Italy) on the issue of immigration. In particular, the debate is about some crime news which concerned Romanian people, the removal of some illegal gipsy and Rom camps ordered by some city halls, the decision of the Government to drive back some illegal aliens, landed on the Sicilian coasts. This debate interlaces issues about human rights, national and local identities, law and order and security, reception modalities and integration. We can also notice in particular, how carefully the official personal documents are kept and shown by the immigrants. If this, on one hand, stresses the importance of the document for the stay, on the other hand, it also allows to keep the thread of ones own story and of ones personal identity within the changes caused by a migrant life. 3.4 The interviews A foreigners arrival is usually seen as a search for work. Peoples general attitude is quite pragmatic: the immigrant is judged on the basis of his/her behaviour in interactive situations (work, school, life in the suburb), mainly on the basis of their respect of the civil life in common rules. As for the home care, the standards become more complex, since they take the affectivity sphere into account. We must consider other two elements about the common foreigners perception: the sense of stability of ones own condition and ones self-esteem level. The latter is particularly linked to a positive consideration of ones own Country (Italys climate and its landscape beauties, the rightness of its laws and of its civil common life, Italians open-minded and correct character), and it often involves an implicit consideration of the immigrants origin countrys backwardness and inadequacy. Its no accident that all the interviewed people are well integrated; they play, even when they are old, an active role in the society, and they have already had experiences of moving and emigration. Basing their judgment on the individuals behaviour, they can control the negative images and stereotypes often released by the media. We didnt register important differences, but we can remark a more curious attitude by the women, their more careful judgment of the differences, including the womans condition in the origin country. Besides, women meet the immigrants mainly within the home and school spaces, which are intensively communicative and affective places. This also causes a tender and familiar attitude which helps in the solution of the daily problems. The possible long-term friendship (between Italians and Romanians, for example) is also underlined by the teenagers, who wish for themselves, and for their immigrant peer as well, a stable future, based on work and family. Ultimately, we can say that, with the passing of time and considering the arising of the economic crisis too, mainly two attitudes have been developed. The first one has strengthened the mutual knowledge (of work, language and culture) and has developed friendships and affections, though in a pessimistic view of the future. The second one, because of the increasing of the number of immigrants, has aroused a growing sense of alienation, since the abstract number, considered as an implicit threat, seems to prevail on the real and personal relationship. We can conclude that the positive perception of the foreigner is anyway linked to the social cohesion, to the fact that the local community can have the same control as it has on itself. This sends back to the necessity that the political-institutional system keeps control of the dimensions and modalities of integration. 3.5 The case-studies: a summary 3.5.1. First case-study This case-study is about Marius, born in Romania, emigrated to Austria and then to Italy. He is 36 and works as a carpenter. He arrived in Foligno more than 10 years ago and now is completely and successfully integrated in the local community. As far as his story is concerned, we decided to delve into two issues: the relationship with two Italians who helped him and the selection criteria for the allocation of council flats from the Town Council of Foligno. Marius thought that the migrants from extra-European countries were favoured in this allocation. For the first development we also used an interview to an Italian 58-year- old retired man who, in 1998, showing no prejudices towards foreigners, offered Marius a job. Thanks to Marius seriousness and vocational skills, the work relationship went on and changed into friendship. The two used to exchange ideas about the differences between the Romanian communist experience and the communist ideas of some Italian political parties. As for the second issue, after examining the official documents necessary for the allocation of the council flats, we realized that Marius had a partial knowledge as well as a fictitious perception of it. In fact, as for the criteria of selection, it was just the opposite of what Marius thought: the citizens of a state member of the EU need to be resident or have a job for at least one year, whereas the citizens from an extra European country for at least three years. 3.5.2. Second case-study This case-study is about Gabriela, born in Romania and migrated to Foligno 9 years ago, when she was 30. Since then she has always worked as badante (a private social server looking after elderly people), first full time, now part time, only during the day. She decided on her own to migrate in search of work to give a better future to her children. Today, she is fully integrated in the local community, happy of having managed to have her children and other relatives (already integrated at school or at work), here in Italy with her. She misses some traditional festivities of her country of origin, but as for the rest, she considers her condition successfully fulfilled. Gabrielas case is a good example of integration, especially for two aspects. The first aspect concerns the great helpfulness and fairness of the local offices, specially of the one responsible for police force, public order and relative administrative services, in the procedures necessary for the residence permit and for the familiar reunion. The second one refers to Gabrielas professional seriousness and to her good relationship with her employers. This relationship continued with the original familys daughter who, once her father died, employed Gabriela in her house as home helper. When we interviewed her, she told us that the relationships between them became very good and demolished her fear of Romanians because of the blameworthy behaviours that some of them have had in our country. Today she would be very sorry if Gabriela decided to go back to Romania. The research group have delved into these issues, analyzing Gabrielas job contract and interviewing an official of the local CGIL ( left-wing federation of Italian trade union) as well as a lawyer, expert on the immigration law, in order to learn the laws that govern the foreigners stay in Italy. 4. Best practices of integration: some example. For good practices we mean those experiences of social integration in which individuals or more people belonging to a community have an active and sympathetic role. They need two conditions: a sure and reliable scheme of laws about the rights and duties of the immigrants; a cultural climate able to direct the public opinion towards open minded attitudes, without stereotypes and prejudiced hostilities towards the foreigner. Within this situation, the natives seem to judge the foreigner according to his individual behaviour, mainly about his respect of the social rules and the local culture. Without those conditions, the good practices will be left to the individuals kindness, whose heroic sympathetic actions wont be enough to guarantee a social integration. These considerations are confirmed by some experiences. The first one: a seventy-year-old carpenter, once emigrated to France where he behaved as a good person, has recently met some Romanians at work and taught them his job. He has now a Romanian girl in foster care who gives him a great happiness. The second one: a forty three-year-old primary school teacher who helps her Romanian students, also once they have finished their studies, and observes that some families near the school have helped them to get integrated. The third one: a fifty-five-year-old primary school headmistress, who once had gone to a gipsy camp to convince some parents to send their children to school, going to a cultural association, could collaborate with some Romanians, checking personally the importance of the differences to create integration. Such examples show us how crucial is the mediation of places which have institutional and social importance (workplace, school, associations) in the active integration of the individuals in micro societies. Good practices dont spring from the casual meeting in the street, but within a tightly-woven socio-cultural fabric.  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