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Migration and integration in EuropeRoutes - Migration and integration in Europe


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The Routes Project

The Routes project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme - Comenius Sub Programme.

The main objective of the Routes project is to open a common reflection at European level on the theme of migration and integration, experimenting an innovative method of studying the evolutions of migration throughout the XX century, based on valorising the potential for exchanging and sharing information of new technologies, for recovering, by means of direct sources and interviews, the historic memory of the countries who have seen both the arrival of migrants and the departure of immigrants in their past.

The project aims to involve secondary schools of 7 European countries in the creation of highly interactive and attractive ICT based educational tools to be used in multicultural classes experimenting integration difficulties, to foster dialogue and mutual understanding between pupils with different ethnic backgrounds starting from the knowledge and comprehension of the past experiences of immigrants integration.

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