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The Routes Project

Migration is a common demographic trend that interest all European countries, both nowadays and in the recent past.

The Routes Portal aims to open a common reflection at European level on the theme of migration and integration of migrants to help European teachers and students to better understand past and current migration related issues and to achieve a wider awareness on the theme of the citizenship and extension of rights.

The Routes Portal Provides access to the following educational tools:
  • Documents on migrations issues. The documents include both Legislative Acts and Publications related to migration issues.
  • Interviews on migration issues. The interviews collected were made with Migrants and Natives who are in contact with immigrants. The interviews focus on the experiences, points of view and attitudes of the two groups in order to identify similarities and differences among nationalities and through the years.
  • Case studies analysing specific aspects of the personal experience of migration as well as providing different personal perspectives on the specific case that is contextualized in the historical moment.
  • Reports providing a survey on the History of Migration making reference to both historical features and legal issues. Each report is available both in English and in the national language.
  • Educational Package addressed to secondary schools teachers and students, analyzing the main aspects of the migration issue: history, the point of view of migrants, the point of view of natives who are in contact with immigrants, best practices.

A methodological note on how to exploit the Routes Portal for educational purposes and a Glossary of the key terms used in the Portal are also available

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