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The documents on migration issues (including both legislative acts and publications) have been collected during the year 2009, by the teachers and by the students of the schools involved in the Routes project. Each selected document has been reviewed by the teacher who selected it and also the information on where to find the reviewed document is provided.

The documents collected under the “Publications” sub section include several sources: reviews of books, researches, press articles and web articles, personal documents, pictures, etc.

The documents collected under the “Legislative Acts” section include several laws and acts, adopted during the XX century and dealing with migrations issues.

Both the selected and reviewed documents and legislative acts were among the main sources for the carrying out of the survey that led to the production of the National Reports where many of the documents and laws reviewed are further analyzed and contextualized. The documents and legislation were also used for the development of the On Line Manual.

The database is intended to offer the teachers who use the portal a tool to guide further research activities on migration to be carried out by the students. Examples on how to use the Documents section of the Routes Portal can be found in the On Line Manual where at the end of the National Cards that go with the Chapters (all except chapter 1 that is an introduction only) there are some links to the documents, supplied with exercises testing its understanding. Other exercises and research tasks can be conceived by the teachers, mainly in order to “cross the views” browsing through the different documents available on the Routes Portal.

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