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This section provides information on the methodology used to carry out the interviews .

The interviews have been carried out by experts involved in the Routes project as well as by secondary schools teachers and students participating in the project.

The interview allow an in-depth view of the personal experience of different people involved in migrations:

  • migrants themselves
  • natives who are in contact with immigrants (as teachers, public officers, students, citizens etc.).

The purpose is both to give teachers and students the opportunity to analyze the differences and similarities between migrants coming from different countries and from different times and to compare the points of view of the migrants and of the natives who are/were in contact with them.

The interviews’ contents were used, together with other sources, for the creation of the National Reports that indeed make references to the interviews carried out.

Some of the interviews are also linked to the national cards connected to Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 of the On-Line Manual and to some exercises.

The Interviews collected can also be used by the secondary school teachers as the starting point of a new research activity involving the students: they could compare the interviews in the Portal and comment on them, or produce some new ones on the basis of the same questions used, or produce new questions and questionnaires for the carrying out of future interviews.

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