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  • Routes Project Website

    Link to the Routes project website.

  • Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)

    European Commission Programme created to enable individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe.

  • The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency (EACEA)

    Official Website of the Executive Agency in charge of the management among others of the Life Long Learning Project

  • ICSIM – Istituto per la Cultura e la Storia d’Impresa “Franco Momigliano”

    Icsim is a non-profit organisation created in 1994 with the aim of promoting cultural and educational programmes in the field of management studies and business history


    Pixel is an education and training institution based in Florence (Italy).

  • Museo Regionale Dell'Emigrazione Pietro Conti (Regional Museum of Emigration)

    Museum dedicated to an important piece of history, covering the ups and downs of Italians who, between 1800 and the first half of 1900, left their homeland to seek their fortune abroad. Gualdo Tadino, in Umbria, hosts the first Regional Museum of Emigration

  • Multimedia History Memorial

    The aim of the project is to foster the acquisition of a transnational point of view on European contemporary history.

  • Regards Croisés

    This project promotes a common analysis of the different methods for teaching the history of World War I, at secondary school level.

  • History On Line

    This project promotes the use of ICT for the Studying and Writing of History

  • The Learning Game Project

    This project promotes the application of videogames and multimedia applications to education

  • The Michelangelo Project

    This project, addressed to secondary school art teachers, promotes the sharing of teaching material on fine arts related to 5 European countries in the last 10 centuries

  • EMBED Project

    Embedding Dyslexia-Responsive Practices in Lifelong Learning is an international project to inform about dyslexia related issues teachers, students and parents. The project aims to combine the experience, products and findings of a selection of projects focusing on dyslexia.

  • On Air Project

    The On Air project has the aim to exploit the use of new media (television, internet, radio etc.) as innovative educational means. 8 educational packages has been developed focusing on: Writing Skills, Reading Skills, Choosing Skills, Critical Thinking Skills.

  • LeTS GO project

    The aim of the LeTS Go project, promoted by ISIS Leonardo Da Vinci and coordinated by Pixel, is to promote an effective application of new technologies to the teaching and learning of foreign languages.

  • European Project GEMMA

    The objective of GEMMA is to improve coordination between researchers, policy-makers and civil society organizations in the field of Gender and Migration.

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