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The On-line Manual was developed using as main sources the National Reports , the Transnational Report, and the Documents.

The On-Line Manual presents the different national points of view on migrations, crossing the views and comparing the perceptions of the hosting countries with those of the country from which the immigrants have departed.

The On-line Manual is organised in 6 chapters.

Three viewpoints are presented:

  • the historical one (briefly presented in Chapter 1);
  • the one of the people who, for various reasons, decide to migrate (Chapter 2 and Chapter 3);
  • the one of the countries that experience the migratory phenomenon (Chapter 4 and Chapter 5).

The last chapter (Chapter 6) presents some Best practices in the field of integration of immigrants.

Each chapter (except Chapter 1, about the History of Migration, and Chapter 6, about Best practices) presents a short summary of the subject and is organised to provide access to some national cards therefore offering a national perspective. Each national card is integrated with one or more documents. These documents, chosen among the roughly 400 in the Documents database, are easily accessible through hypertextual links. Exercises and practical activities are also proposed within each chapter to be used by the teachers to help the students to understand the contents proposed or to plan new surveys. Some of the exercises make reference to the National or Transnational reports (to find the basis of some statement of the manual itself and to have an in-depth view of the treated subject) or to the database for further examples. So more educational resources hosted in the portal can be activated by the teachers and a better exploitation of the Routes portal is possible.

Each chapter was developed in its first version and uploaded on the Routes Portal. Each of the chapter was then tested by the teachers of the schools involved in the Routes project. A virtual discussion on each chapter was carried out both on the Forum and during the Virtual Meetings organized to discuss the contents proposed in the chapters as well as their methodological solutions. The feedback provided by the teachers on the Forum and during the Virtual meetings were used in order to improve the On Line Manual and to produce its final version that is now online.

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